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Well, look no further, because Evergreen Tutoring Services is a team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Students learn in a variety of ways, and we cater to that.

All our tutors hold a valid Children’s Check to ensure peace of mind for our families and students. Our lessons are all tailored to fit the needs of the student, including their learning style, pace, and level.

We love tutoring, and our team does it with a passion.

We tutor students from Prep to year 6 in all subjects, including select entry preparation.

Are you looking for ways to improve your childs confidence?

Evergreen is a really good tutoring service!! Very impressed with the quality of service right from the get go.

Samantha- Mum of a primary school student

Let’s find the right primary school tutor for you.

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The difference is our tailored approach to learning.

The education of our students is our whole focus. With our tailored approach, every student is assessed and treated as an individual, and from there, lesson plans are crafted just for your child. We focus on your child’s learning style, level, and pace to ensure they get the most out of every lesson.

Student learning to problem solve. with their online primary school tutor

We work closely with the Australian National Curriculum to identify and correct gaps in the students learning. This gives them a solid foundation to build the rest of their education. After all, you wouldn’t build a house on sand.

All our tutors go through a rigorous process before joining our team, and less than 2% of applicants are accepted. This is because we check not only for knowledge but teaching ability. It is important that each of our tutors are experts at creating engaging lessons, understanding students needs and giving them the right support. Education isn’t one size fits all.

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Don’t forget to check out our workbooks!

Grade 1 workbook for number and place value created by Evergreen Tutoring Services

This workbook is for students at a Grade 1 level to build and refine their skills. Our workbook was created by qualified teachers at Evergreen Tutoring Services and is designed to help the student get a firm grasp of the curriculum.
This workbook is based heavily on the Australian National Curriculum; however, it covers many fundamentals of grade 1 mathematics and so, can be used by students in just about any country.

This book provides a range of worksheets for each topic, including fun pictures and colours that we believe are essential to keeping young minds engaged. This workbook included title pages for each section that clearly defines what the chapter will cover and how it is aligned with the National curriculum.

Jess has been tutoring my two boys, now grade 6 and year 9, for over 6 months, and the results have been amazing. Our younger one has really struggled with English and reading so much that nightly reading became a miserable situation every night. Since tutoring with Jess, he has now found that he enjoys reading. He has become much more confident at school and to participate in class discussions.

Shannon- Mum of a Primary and High school student

Actually, I wanted a tutor for a differnt age range.
Excited high school student with backpack preparing on online tutoring. High school tutors.
Senior school student with textbook and backpack preparing for tutoring. Senior school tutors
Adult male holds blue folders and backpack as he goes to tutoring. Adult learners.

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