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Are you looking for Online High School Tutors?

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Well, look no further, because Evergreen Tutoring Services is a team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. Students learn in a variety of ways and we cater to that. Our high school tutors can start helping you today!

All our tutors hold a valid Childrens and Police Check to ensure peace of mind for our families and students. Our lessons are all tailored to fit the needs of the student, including their learning style, pace, and level.

We love tutoring, and our team does it with a passion.

We tutor every subject from years 7 to 10.

Tailored lessons to help improve your grades and confidence while preparing you for senior school.

Evergreen Tutoring Service is absolutely amazing. The quality of service is impeccable.

Margret- Mum of a high school student

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What are the benefits of tutoring?

Tutoring doesn’t just improve student grades, understanding and knowledge, the benefits of working with a tutor are endless. Here are just a few of the ways students benefit from tutoring:

1. One on one attention- One on one attention allows tutors to get to know the students learning style and adapt teaching methods to suit them. In essence, tutors are the students private teacher.

2. Improved work and study habits- These skills will help to set up the student for success over their entire life.

3. Individual and unique learning experience- The student will receive individualised learning experience most students can’t get in a classroom. Our tutors tailor individual lesson plans to suit the students’ needs.

Why online tutoring lessons?

High school student doing online tutoring with a laptop at Evergreen Tutoring Service
  • Great quality platforms
  • Interactive lessons with a live tutor
  • No strangers in your home
  • No more rushing to a centre after work or school
  • Greater access to tutors who fit the students learning style
  • Preparing students for a future where understanding technology is essential

What other parents say

Exceptional on every level. My daughter received great benefit during her time with Evergreen. Highly recommend.

Craig- Dad of a High school student

We can help you achieve your goals.

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The difference is our tailored approach to learning.

The education of our students is our whole focus. With our tailored approach, every student is assessed and treated as an individual, and from there, lesson plans are crafted just for your child. Our tutors for high school focus on your child’s learning style, level, and pace to ensure they get the most out of every lesson.

Man with cogwheels.

We work closely with the Australian National Curriculum to identify and correct gaps in the students learning. This gives them a solid foundation to build the rest of their education on. After all, you wouldn’t build a house on sand.

All our tutors go through a rigorous process before joining our team, and less than 2% of applicants are accepted. This is because we check not only for knowledge but teaching ability. It is important that each of our tutors are experts at creating engaging lessons, understanding students needs and giving them the right support. Education isn’t one size fits all.

Actually, I wanted a tutor for a different age range.

A happy student Tutoring for primary school .Primary school Prep-6
Senior school student with text book and back pack preparing for tutoring.
Adult student with folders and backpack going to tutoring. Adult learners

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