Online tutoring

All our tutors are currently available for online tutoring unless they are marked as booked out.

Our online lessons are just like our face to face lessons. How? We use an application that allows our tutors and students to see and speak to each other as if they were in the same room. This application has a range of features, which enables students and tutors to share their work, and it works wonders for young children as well as adults. It is as simple as clicking the link we send to you, and the lesson will be connected to our tutor!

For our more advanced students, we combine this program with an online document that allows the tutors and students to work on the same page at the same time. This allows for a seamless experience for all students, and every subject can be catered for in this way.

All our tutors work with the Australian National Curriculum, and so they can help students with their online school classes if that is what students need. We also undertake tailored lesson planning. This means the student doesn’t need homework for our tutors to help them excel with their studies. Why just keep up when you can get ahead?

If you think we are a good fit, book with us now.