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Why should we learn maths… what’s the point?

There are so many reasons why learning maths is important. Maths prepares our minds for encountering real-life problems. Maths allows us to break things down and to think analytically and critically. ...

Coping with Study Stress and Burnout

Coping with Study Stress and Burnout. If studying has got you feeling stressed and burnt out, please know, you are not alone. Here we talk about some strategies which will help you in coping with study stress and burnout. ...

Why should we be excited to study maths?

Why should we be excited to study maths? Maths is exciting. Let me tell you why. It is full of fascinating ideas and concepts, and maths is needed and hidden in our everyday lives. How does the Sydney Harbour Bridge stay standing? How did humans get to space? How was ...

Four Ways To Make Studying English More Enjoyable

A common criticism that English students have is that they find a text unengaging, or they do not agree with many of the points discussed in class. This article has tips on how to keep going when your English text is less than fun. ...

Make A Change: Why Study Goals Matter.

Some students experience performance anxiety over clearly setting their study goals, as they become overly focused on being ‘the best’. But students should focus on doing better than last time. This not only sets small achieveable goals, but it is better for their mental health. ...

Why Our English Tutors Are Awesome and Amazing

Why Our English Tutors Are Awesome and Amazing If you were to take the smartest rocket scientist in the world to a footy match, there is a chance they cannot make heads or tails of it. What’s more, take the most brilliant mathematician on the planet and ask them to ...

Helping your child with spelling

Helping your child with spelling Developing essential spelling skills is critical for improving your child’s overall literacy competency and giving them the skills and confidence they need to begin reading and writing independently. If they are doing well with spelling at school, that’s great! But if they have trouble learning to ...
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We Have The Edge When It Comes To Learning.

We Have The Edge When It Comes To Learning. If you had never owned a laptop before and wanted to purchase one, how would you go about it? For starters, you might go to a store and browse through all the different models, everything from HP to Acer, Dell to ...
what are themes?

What do ‘themes’ mean in English?

What do ‘themes’ mean in English? I have a habit of teaching people things I’ve newly learnt. Whether this has been through reading, things I’ve been told, information online, or through my experiences of everyday life. One of my golden mantras that shape my tutoring philosophy is that when a ...

How to edit your work to improve your grades and refine your essay

How to edit your work to improve your grades and refine your essay Here is a checklist that can help you gauge how well your essay will score as you write it: Have I answered the question? Ensure that every sentence you write has a purpose. The purpose should be ...

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VCAL maths workbook: Unit 1
This comprehensive workbook covers every topic for VCAL maths unit1. Each section has a detailed explanation of how to complete the questions and examples of how these mathematical skills can be used in everyday life.
This book is designed to assist students in refining their skills and can be used as homework or study. Our workbook is conveniently spaced so students can fill in the questions, or they can feel free to complete their answers on an additional piece of paper.
It is important that all students experience confidence in their subjects, and this workbook will help to achieve that.

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