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Here is the place where you can see our free study resources. Everything from preps to year 12 and helpful tips for parents too!

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We are giving away 2 spots of our English creative text response courses for free! This course contains over 2
Carbon neutral is our long term goal.For a long time, our director has been passionate about the pursuit of becoming
What is more important in a student’s education than English, maths or science?Confidence. Student confidence is the most underrated area
TEEL formula. The TEEL formula is the standard essay structure taught by most (if not all) schools in Australia. TEEL
If you are looking for some help with mathematical methods circle symmetry, then you are in the right place! Read
In year 11 and 12 English and Media Studies classes, you will often analyse the movies of Alfred Hitchcock. His
Formal language is a way of articulating your thoughts, ideas, views and beliefs in a professional sounding manner. Formal language
It is no secret that year 11 and 12 English is heavily text based, and that a sound knowledge of
Tutors are a fantastic resource to help educate today's students in a world that is rapidly moving ahead. They can

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VCAL maths workbook: Unit 1
This comprehensive workbook covers every topic for VCAL maths unit1. Each section has a detailed explanation of how to complete the questions and examples of how these mathematical skills can be used in everyday life.
This book is designed to assist students in refining their skills and can be used as homework or study. Our workbook is conveniently spaced so students can fill in the questions, or they can feel free to complete their answers on an additional piece of paper.
It is important that all students experience confidence in their subjects, and this workbook will help to achieve that.

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