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How to study for your SACs and outcomes

At some point, everyone needs to prepare for a SAC or Exam in year 11 and 12. We often see students who just aren’t sure how to even begin studying for one. Many students get trapped in a cycle where they think the only way to study for a SAC ...

About Evergreen Tutoring Services

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. – Anthony J. D’Angelo Evergreen Tutoring Services is an exceptional tutoring service with high achieving and highly qualified tutors. Every tutor meets the highest standard possible to ensure they can give students high-quality educational guidance. We supply ...

Planning your study routine

Planning your study routine Welcome to Year 11 and 12, your final years of school. While an exciting time, it can also be quite stressful. One of the key ways to manage stress during Year 11 and 12 is maintaining an effective study routine so that you can keep up ...

How can studying maths methods be like carving a granite block of stone with a spoon?

How many times have you spent hours studying year 12 Maths Methods and felt like you got nowhere? This video has the answer to your problem. ...

Apply Our Methods to Maths and ‘Get’ With Maths Methods

One of the most rewarding aspects of learning is when you just ‘get’ something you previously struggled with. Perhaps you approached a text from a different perspective, worked backwards to solve a problem, or had a discussion with someone where they raised some points that you had not yet considered. ...

How to maximise your grades

Maximising your grades is on the minds of every year 11 and 12 across Australia. What is it that is going to give your grades that extra edge when it comes to crunch time? This video by our director and qualified teacher, Jessica Evergreen, will give you the tools you ...

How to teach mental maths to grade’s 1- 3

Electronic devices have transformed the way math is taught in schools. Unfortunately, children’s dependence on technology causes many of their prior knowledge of mental maths skills to slip away. However, it is still possible to teach students maths techniques that will help them mentally add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Parents and guardians, in particular, play an ...

What The Past Can Teach Us About The Present

Many of the English texts that are studied, in high school English classes, share a strong similarity. They were written in the present but set in the past. This might be anywhere from a few months before the author wrote it to several hundred years. Students often struggle with this ...

Managing ATAR stress in year 12

It is no secret that year 12 is an exceedingly difficult year for students, and many suffer from stress. In fact, over 75% of students experience ATAR stress at one point or another during their year 12.Some students begin to experience this as early as term 1. While your ATAR ...

Essay Writing tips and tricks

Essay writing is something most students are introduced to in early high school. It is also one of the areas most students find difficult. On of our expert English tutors, James, has written a short article to help you out. Essay writing, and the textual analysis within it, is a ...

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VCAL maths workbook: Unit 1
This comprehensive workbook covers every topic for VCAL maths unit1. Each section has a detailed explanation of how to complete the questions and examples of how these mathematical skills can be used in everyday life.
This book is designed to assist students in refining their skills and can be used as homework or study. Our workbook is conveniently spaced so students can fill in the questions, or they can feel free to complete their answers on an additional piece of paper.
It is important that all students experience confidence in their subjects, and this workbook will help to achieve that.

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