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Maximising your grades is on the minds of every year 11 and 12 across Australia. What is it that is
Electronic devices have transformed the way math is taught in schools. Unfortunately, children’s dependence on technology causes many of their prior knowledge of mental maths
Many of the English texts that are studied, in high school English classes, share a strong similarity. They were written
Our Final winner was drawn today! Congratulations to Layla! You have just won full access to our Unit 3 maths
It is no secret that year 12 is an exceedingly difficult year for students, and many suffer from stress. In
Hello!Thanks for visiting and having a look at our maths methods free video resources. These videos are for unit 3
Essay writing is something most students are introduced to in early high school. It is also one of the areas
Are you stuck with how to study for your English creative text response?Perhaps you are stuck with how to study
Carbon neutral is our long term goal.For a long time, our director has been passionate about the pursuit of becoming
What is more important in a student’s education than English, maths or science?Confidence. Student confidence is the most underrated area

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VCAL maths workbook: Unit 1
This comprehensive workbook covers every topic for VCAL maths unit1. Each section has a detailed explanation of how to complete the questions and examples of how these mathematical skills can be used in everyday life.
This book is designed to assist students in refining their skills and can be used as homework or study. Our workbook is conveniently spaced so students can fill in the questions, or they can feel free to complete their answers on an additional piece of paper.
It is important that all students experience confidence in their subjects, and this workbook will help to achieve that.

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