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We offer a range of online tutoring services and programs to help you achieve the results you’re after. Not sure what you need, or what it costs?
This is the place to get the information you are looking for. If you are wondering what our prices include have a look here.

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One-on-one tutoring packages

60-minute Package

A 60-minute online lesson with one of our high achieving Tutors.
Our Tutors work closely with the National Australian Curriculum and have a range of resources to ensure they can deliver lessons to match every student’s needs. Our Tutors do everything from homework help to specific lessons tailor-made to enhance both the student’s experience and the overall results of tutoring.
$60 for 60 minutes! (includes GST)*

90-minute Package

This package is a 90-minute online lesson with one of our high achieving Tutors. Our 90-minute package is for students who just need a little extra time and help to understand. This package is perfect for students who are studying online and for highschool students who want to get ahead
$90 for 90-minutes! (includes GST)*

120- minute tutoring package

Our 120-minute Package is an online session where students can take advantage of our 2-hour lesson as their curriculum is tightly packed and fast-paced. Many of our students find it is good to have the extra time with the tutor to go back and look over the things they didn’t understand or didn’t get to spend much time on in class
$105 for 120 minutes! (includes GST)*

*Lessons that occur on Saturdays or run after 7:00 pm on weeknights will include a 10% surcharge.

Let’s build brighter futures together.

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