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Tips for Success in VCE

Everyone knows year 11 and 12 is one of the most challenging periods in a student’s educational life. The pressure is immense, the homework piles up, and it feels as if it is never-ending. It is important to remember, as stressful as this period in life may be, it won’t last forever. We promise there is an end, and when you reach it, the pride you will feel knowing you got through will be immense. However, until you finally hand in that last exam, we have some advice and study tips that will help you prepare for your exams and hopefully reduce some of that pressure you are feeling.

All of these tips for success have come from our tutors, all of which finished year 12 with high final scores and went on to study impressive fields with fantastic results.

Study tips

  • Completing as many past exams as possible for the exam date and correct them to find your weaknesses. When practising exams if there is a concept or question you are very proficient in, try skipping it and focus on your weaker knowledge areas.
    Here is a link to the past exams for each state and territory. Follow the links relating to the subjects you wish to study. Begin with the most recent exam and work your way back:
  • Don’t leave note-taking to the last minute; start them at the beginning of the year if possible.
  • Make sure you ‘understand’ concepts, and don’t rote learn them. A clear understanding of concepts means you will be able to answer a multitude of questions testing the same concept, which is what exams tend to do, so use those past exams to the fullest.
  • Always take advantage of study sessions with your teachers and tutors to ask questions one on one. Ask them to mark and explain some of those practice exams you completed.
  • Create a study timetable with a list of short term (to-do list for the day) and long terms goals (work that needs to be done each week) preferably in a diary, so you keep on track.
  • Maximise study time by reducing procrastination. We recommend turning off your phone and not watching TV while you study as they can be too much of a distraction. Study at the times when your brain functions the best, figure out if that is morning afternoon or night; everyone is different.
  • Make colourful posters/mind maps for each Area of Study (AOS). Science shows us that colours help to improve learning and as for the mind maps. They are invaluable for finding links between concepts and ideas.
  • Try to divide your time equally between subjects without neglecting ones you don’t like
  • If the study design has changed, make sure you cover the new concepts in great detail. In doing this, you will be prepared for anything.  
Don’t forget you are capable of anything!
  • Focus on the art of answering questions. This is a crucial skill when it comes to short answer questions where you are required to answer questions in the most concise and clear way possible. Understanding what the question wants from you is half the battle. If this is something you struggle with, ask for help from your peers, teachers, or tutors.
  • Make or join study groups for each subject. Work with your peers to improve your knowledge. You are all in a very similar place right now when it comes to academia, make use of that. Two brains are better than one and just imagine what a group could do.
  • Adequate nutrition and sleep are invaluable during the revision period. Especially in the days leading up to the exam, this will not only help you to feel your best, but it will enhance your academic performance.
  • Take breaks away from your textbooks and screens. Walking outside in the fresh air during study breaks is the best way to refresh your mind and get your heart working. Don’t neglect your physical health while you are developing your mental capacity and knowledge.
  • Remember that apart from your teachers, you are the best judge of your academic potential. Mindset is a massive part of how we perform in tasks such as exams. Have faith in yourself, and you will do just fine.
  • Get help and assistance from someone who knows what they are doing. Our teachers are immensely capable in this area, but their time is stretched between multiple students and classes, so it is a good idea to find some external help. Highly educated tutors who work closely with the curriculum are perfect for this, as they have gone through the process themselves. The best way to make use of this is one-to-one lessons with a person with a firm grasp of the subject knowledge is the best way to enhance your understanding and knowledge.

We hope you enjoyed our tip for success in senior school. Below we have added some bonus exam tips just for you!

Exam tips

Tips for Success in VCE
  • Plan ahead of time how you will travel to exams.
  • Triple check exam times and seating, be sure you are going to the right place!
  • Read exam rules before getting to the exam; nobody likes surprises.
  • Check if you need a calculator and if it’s charged.
  • Make notes for the exam don’t just bring in a textbook.
  • Take two blue pens, one black, a pencil and a sharpener. The blue pen helps to hide errors in your writing and having a backup never hurts. The black pen is for self-correction during the exam- this is particularly helpful with any exam with a substantial written component. The pencil and the sharpener are your absolute back up if by some freak of nature all three of your pens stop working you will still have a sturdy backup.


Work as hard as you can. This does not mean overload yourself to the point where you burn out. Once you have finished your exams, your aim should be to have no regrets and be proud of the work you’ve put in regardless of the outcome.

Our tutors are always here to help, and we hope this list of tips for Success will help lower your stress in the coming weeks and months. Just remember, to relax, find a good life/study balance and engage fully with your subject content. From our team here at Evergreen Tutoring Services, we wish you the best of luck in your studies, and we know you are capable of achieving success.

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