Short course: how to write an exceptional Analytical Argument for your year 11 and 12 exams.

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About the program.

Throughout the entirety of term 3, we have been busy preparing a detailed short course designed to teach students how to write an excellent analytical argument for their end of year exams.

Our team has been working closely together with our founder to create a course uniquely designed for our students. This is a four-hour course (broken up over two days), and our English specialist and high school English teacher, Katie will be running the program.

The program will be run with small groups to offer our students the best price possible for the short course while maximising their learning opportunities.

The course will cover:

Lesson 1 (1-hour): How to break down an article for analysis. Students will learn to identify important elements of argumentative texts and how those elements position the reader to adopt the author’s point of view.  

Lesson 2 (1-hour): Break an analytical argument response down. Students will learn the important elements of an argument analysis essay, including how to plan and write their own article for analysis.

Lesson 3 (1-hour): Practice part 1. Students will put into place what they have learnt so far in the course and begin breaking down their own article for analysis.

Lesson 4 (1-hour): Practice part 2. Students will finish writing their own article analysis with the assistance of our program leader. Then students will also get peer feedback and learn how to edit their final product to maximise marks.

Important details

When will the course run?
This short course will be run on the 22nd and 23rd of September from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

How long is this course?
This intensive short course will run for a total of 4 hours.

Where is this course?

How many students will be in the course?
This course is being exclusively offered to our current students, and no more than six students will be able to attend this short course on the 22nd and 23rd of September.

How much will this course cost?
This fantastic course will only cost students $20 per hour. This course runs for 4 hours, and the whole cost will be $80 per student.

When do I pay?

Payment needs to be made by the 16th of September for the student’s place to be secured. Please note, this course will only be offered to 6 students this time around.

How do I book?
Simply give us a call on 0409 083 909 or email us and we will set aside a spot for you.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to book one of these limited places in our analytical argument program. Start preparing for your English exams with confidence!

Maths Methods

A big shout out to Evergreen Tutoring Services!!

My son is in year 11 doing maths methods and was struggling. He was getting an average of 40% on his SACs. He actually had to re-sit two.

It was really stressful for him and was wiping out his confidence. 

We started tutoring with Evergreen and the results have been amazing. Six weeks after starting tutoring my son received a SAC result of 88%!! Not only was his result impressive more importantly his confidence was back. My son put in the hard work – he has two sessions each week but the Evergreen has been amazingly supportive and my son LOVES the tutoring sessions.

As a parent, it’s really hard to watch your child struggle and feel like they’re not good enough when you know they are. I hope this message helps any other parents out there take the leap and invest in tutoring.

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