What do our prices cover?

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
– Benjamin Franklin

All of our tutors have current, valid police checks, Working with Children Checks and are mentored by a qualified and university trained teacher with seven years classroom teaching experience and two years private tutoring experience. This is to ensure all of our students receive the highest quality tutoring possible.

What do our prices cover?

  • We have personalised and professional invoicing. If you are with the Defence Force, Ozchild, or have a particular requirement for what needs to be included on invoices, just let us know! We are more than happy to accommodate your needs.
  • Our team continually works to source the best resources possible for our tutors to use in assisting our students in their lessons. Like everything in life, some of the best resources are expensive, but we, like yourself, maintain the belief that our students should receive the very best. So a portion of your fees goes towards the regular accumulation of these resources.
  • Mentoring. All of our tutors are personally mentored by a university-trained and qualified teacher with over seven years of teaching experience. Our tutors are in regular contact with their mentor and submit monthly lesson summaries and comment sheets to ensure the consistent high quality of our lessons, which makes our business stand out.
  • The Admin Staff, who help to organise your lessons and our tutors.
  • Insurances. We are fully insured for the protection of our clients, students, and our tutors.
  • And, of course, the cost of our fantastic Tutors. Our business only employs the very best Tutors; they have an extremely high standard of education, capability, and passion, all of which are necessary to provide the highest quality service available.

So, you can be confident our pricing is used to the fullest to provide the highest possible service from us and our Tutors. The education of our students is our utmost priority and to do that, we ensure we have the best resources and the highest standard of Tutors in the industry.

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