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Well, look no further, because Evergreen Tutoring Services is a team of talented professionals. We have a wide range of skills and experience because students learn in a variety of ways and we cater to that.

All of our tutors are either qualified or working towards a qualification in their area of expertise. Not only are they experts in the subjects they teach, but their ability to teach and communicate effectively has also been assessed and verified to be of a very high standard by a qualified teacher in a three-stage review process.

We understand the importance of safety, and so, all our tutors hold a valid WWCC and Police check to ensure peace of mind for our families and students.

We love what we do and we do it with a passion.

Without further ado, here are our Mornington Peninsula Tutors


Maths, English, and Science specialist

Primary School tutor – Maths, English, and Science
High School tutor– Maths, Science to year 8, and English to year 10.
VCE tutor- English

I have years of experience working with students and I understand the pressures that may come with school, and so I not only help students develop a solid understanding of their coursework but I teach them strategies for managing their school work. I am currently a University student studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Science, and this course has provided me with an abundance of skills to teach maths, English, and Science to a high level.

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Maths and Science specialist

Primary School tutor – Maths and Science
High School tutor– Maths and Science
VCE- Further Maths, Methods, and Chemistry

I am a patient, persistent, passionate and professional person who will leave no stone unturned in helping a student to reach true understanding and proficiency. I currently work in a high school assisting the science department and this experience educating students has helped me develop a range of skills necessary for delivering high-quality lessons.

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Mornington Peninsula tutor


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Qualified teacher

General Primary tutor and Pre-Prep tutor
High School for years seven to ten
English tutor and History tutor
English tutor
Creative writing tutor for teenagers and adults.

I am a qualified and University-trained teacher with seven years of classroom teaching experience and two years as a Tutor, and I love working with the students. After three University Degrees, (Diploma of Tertiary studies, Bachelor of Primary Education and a Post Graduate Certificate in Ancient History) I understand the importance of clear and assisted learning. As a published author, I have a love for the written language, and I always try to pass the passion on to my students. In all, I have a solid handle of the English language and extensive training and experience in passing that knowledge on to others.

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