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Melbourne tutors
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Well, look no further, because Evergreen Tutoring Services is a small team of talented professionals. We have a wide range of skills and experience because students learn in a variety of ways and we cater to that.

All of our tutors are either qualified or working towards a qualification in their area of expertise. Not only are they experts in the subjects they teach, but their ability to teach and communicate effectively has also been assessed and verified to be of a very high standard by a qualified teacher in a three-stage review process.

We understand the importance of safety, and so, all our tutors hold a valid WWCC and Police check to ensure peace of mind for our families and students.

We love what we do and we do it with a passion.

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Melbourne tutors
Evergreen Tutoring Services


University Student Aide

High School from years 7 to 10
English tutor, Media tutor, History tutor, and Social Studies tutor

English tutor, Media tutor, and Social Studies tutor

My name is James. I have a deep interest in how media uses language and strategies to influence their audience, and this has lead me to a Bachelor of Media Studies and a Masters by research. During my time as a University student aide for RMIT I assisted many students with their understanding of the course material and helped them to improve their confidence.  I am passionate about learning and imparting knowledge, and I understand that every student is different, with their own strengths and weaknesses. As a result, a tutoring strategy that works for one student may not work for another, and so, I work with each student to find out what approach is most effective for them, to ensure they get the most out of our tutoring sessions.

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Melbourne tutors
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