Maths Methods Unit 4 revision package

Maths Methods Unit 4 Package + Exams

Unit 4 package

Here is what you get...

  • Access to all our methods unit 4 resources including video resources on every topic in the VCAA unit 4 curriculum.
  • Practice questions and answers
  • All the resources you need to study for your SACs and exams right now.
  • Access until the day after the final exam.
  • Access to our Exam Package which includes answers to the 2020 exams and detailed videos explaining how to answer them.
  • Confidence that you will never be stuck on methods again.

  Important note: When you make your purchase, an email will be sent to you with the link to set up your membership. Once you have signed up, you will have full access to our Maths Methods Unit 4 Package. Your 24/7 access begins the moment we receive payment and ends the day after the maths methods exam 2. To access the page, simply go to our menu, select the maths methods courses menu and select 'Maths methods unit 4 package'. You can also use this link. You will only be able to view the content when you are logged in.

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Are you preparing for your Methods exams and just aren’t sure what to revise?
Maybe you are stuck on Average rates of change, differentiation or another topic from the curriculum?
We can help you out!
Our team knows your schedule is packed with homework from your teachers, school, sports and your job. So, we created a course that you can engage with on-demand.

This means if you can’t sleep at 3:00 am because your brain is still trying to figure out how Discrete random variables work, you can get up and hop into our course.

Our team has created over 3 hours of video content (more if you grab unit 3 too) to whisk away all the hours of struggling to understand a topic vaguely explained in your textbook.
Everything in our course is:

  • Broken up into digestible chunks and topics.
  • Clearly explained by an expert.
  • Comes with practice questions and answers.
  • A suggested plan for study to cover everything you need to know a manageable task.
  • Provides all the worked solutions, clearly explained by our tutors for the 2020 methods exams.

Best part? You get 24/7 access until the day after your methods exam.

For best results, we recommend you follow the suggested study schedule we list here. This has been carefully designed to ensure you cover all the required content and still have time to prepare for your exams.

AOS 3: Calculus

School holidays and Term 3

For best results, we recommend you follow the suggested study schedule we list here. AOS 3 and AOS 4 should be fully completed and revised by the end of term 3. Ideally, you should have watched every video here once before the end of term and spent time revising each previous AOS.

AOS 4: Probability and statistics

School holidays and Term 4

This entire block between now and your exams should be spent revising all four areas of studies and going over past exams.

Maths Methods Unit 4 Revison

2020 maths methods exam 1 solutions.

2020 maths methods exam 2 solutions.

EXAM 1 date: Wednesday
3 November

date: Thursday
4 November

Good Luck!

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