Here are our FAQs. Please feel free to read over them and if you have a question we haven’t already answered, give us a call. We understand the importance of ensuring our service is right for you and your family.

Are your lessons classes or for individuals or groups?

All of our lessons are for individuals. Students get the most out of one-on-one learning, where they have the full and undivided attention of a subject specialist. We strongly believe that our students deserve 100% of our tutor’s undivided attention.

Are your tutors qualified to teach their subjects?

All of our tutors have (or are working towards) a Bachelor’s degree or higher in the area they teach; this is to ensure they have excellent subject knowledge. All our tutors are required to demonstrate exemplary teaching abilities in their chosen subject prior to becoming employed with our business. Every one of our tutors goes through a 4 stage process before joining our team:

  1. Our tutors are all studying or already have a Bachelor degree from an Australian university. Many of our tutors hold a masters degree or higher.
  2. Potential tutors have to fill out a document detailing their qualifications and preferred subjects. Importantly, they must also explain why they feel qualified to teach them.
  3. A qualified teacher then tests every single one of our tutors for their ability to teach. This happens through an online video platform. Our tutors must deliver a lesson to a high standard before they join our team.
  4. Tutors who make it to this final stage must pass a Working with Children’s and Police Check.
How do you ensure students and parents receive excellent service?

Aside from our four-stage process all of our tutors are required to fill in and complete lesson plans and comments for each of their lessons. These lesson plans are then submitted to our Director and Founder. Jessica is a qualified teacher and personally checks each lesson plan to ensure our tutors are delivering curriculum-aligned, high-quality lessons. Our founder also mentors for all our tutors and supplies regular professional development material. Our tutors are fantastic, but like our students, we understand there is always room to grow and do better.

Where is your tutoring centre?

Evergreen Tutoring Services doesn’t have a tutoring centre because we are online! We understand the lives of parents and students are busy ones, and so offer the best educational online platforms, so you don’t have to find time to come to us. This way, we are able to pair our students with the tutor who suits their needs, personality, and educational goals the best.

Are online lessons any good?

Absolutely! With the right platforms, online lessons are just as good, if not better, than contact lessons. We use a range of online platforms that allow for real-time interaction when our students and tutors write or draw in their lesson it can be viewed as it happens. Exactly the way you might watch someone write or draw on a piece of paper next to you. This paired with our video chats allow our students and tutors to work together, see each other, and talk as if they were sitting side by side. On top of this, our tutors have a huge range of resources at their fingertips, ready to help our students study and prepare for their subjects to the highest standard possible. We have streamlined the process of logging into our lessons, and it is as simple as clicking the link we send to your email.

What is your teaching approach?

Our teaching approach is entirely dependent on the students learning style. We offer a tailored teaching approach. This means each and every lesson is custom made and designed to suit each student’s needs. We help all kinds of learning styles, and most importantly we understand all students learn at different paces. Working at a speed comfortable for our students and ensures they completely understand a subject area before moving on to the next one.

Does the student need to have homework to book a tutor?

No, the student doesn’t have to have homework to book a tutor. We work closely with the Australian National Curriculum, and this is to ensure all of our students cover the coursework required for their year level. This means, even when our students don’t have homework, we know exactly what they have to cover for their subject and their year level. In this way, we don’t only help our students keep up with schooling, we can help them to get ahead of their peers.

How can I book a lesson?

Booking a lesson is easy! You can give us a call, email us or fill in this form. Tell us a little about the subject(s) you would like a tutor for, and what year level the student is in, then we will find the perfect tutor(s) for your needs!

What People Say

My son feels he understood and learnt more last night with Jamaal in one hour than he has in weeks at school! So a great big thank you!

Julie L- Year 10 maths

The tutors and staff at evergreen are exceptional, with preparation work before giving my daughter tutor assistance with VCE Maths. My daughter was comfortable with the tutor Tiahni. I would recommend anyone who requires a professional tutoring business to assist their children with Education to use Evergreen

Simon A- VCE further maths

Let’s build a better education together.

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