English creative text response course

Welcome to our English unit 3 course!

Here you will find a series of short videos that offer explanations, and examples about what is expected in year 12 English.

Our courses offer the best video support for our students. Everything is aligned to the Australian National Curriculum and covers everything students need to know to get their best ATAR.

In this three week course, you will have access to a range of videos that will help you ace the creative writing component of your year 11 and 12 studies. These videos are developed by our team of experts and are broken into digestible chunks.

This course contains 2-hours of video, that’s less than 40-minutes a week of study to ace your creative text response.

We encourage you to take notes for areas you find the most helpful. These videos have been listed in the order we think is the most helpful. However, feel free to watch them in whichever order you prefer.

What is a creative writing task?

How to plan your creative writing text response

Silent moments and how to use them for your task

How to identify key themes for a text to use in your creative text response

The ways authors create meaning and build the world of the text

Including references in your creative task

How to identify and emulate the authors use of language.


How to write a statement of explanations to go with your creative writing task

Congratulations on finishing our course!

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