Creative Text Response Mastermind

Creative Text Response Mastermind

Welcome to our Creative Text Response Mastermind. This short course covers everything you need to know to get a high scoring response. This has been prepared by teachers and past students who had study scores above 42 in English.

This Mastermind includes:

  • 2 hours of video content that covers every aspect of Creative text response essay writing
  • Resources to help you understand how to fully analyse quotes and evidence
  • A checklist to use while you read your texts
  • Questions at for each video to help you prepare your task
  • High scoring examples
  • Access until the day after the VCAA English exam

Complete the course in the order we recommend, skipping sections is not recommended for optimum results.

Remember to log in to video the content!

Enrol in this Mastermind today for just $97 and get access until the day after the VCAA English exam.

Creative Text Response Mastermind videos

Before you start it is a great idea to grab a blank note book and write out a few key things. The questions we suggest you focus on answering while you work through this course are here.

Written resources

Creative resources


Task 1: Write a draft for your creative text response. (Remember your finished piece needs to be 800-1000 words long).
Task 2: Have someone read over your draft (teacher, tutor or peer) and pay attention to their suggestions for improvement.
Task 3: Polish your draft. This is especially important if your school requires you to submit drafts as part of your SAC requirements.
Task 4: Draft your statement of intention and have someone read over it (tutor or teacher)
Task 5: Complete final copies if your school allows you to do it ahead of time.

Other helpful resources

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