Comprehensive Study Guides

Each English pack includes: a detailed historical context, theses, symbols, views, values, quotes listed by theme, annotated sample essays and essay prompts. 
Pretty much everything you need to know about your text is broken down and explained in a convenient PDF to help you understand your texts and prepare for your exams and SACs.

All other study guides include comprehensive breakdowns of topics, study notes from tutors who achieved 45+ study scores for the subject and more.

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Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock

This 52 page booklet is just $20

Everything Economics

This 110 page booklet is just $20

Four steps to turn a bad mark into a learning experience

Take some time to think about it. Nobody enjoys receiving hard feedback or a lower grade than expected. It can be disappointing, especially if you felt that you worked hard, and your marks do not reflect that. The first step to turning your grade around is taking some time to think about your mark and…

Let’s Develop A Lifelong Passion For Learning

Let’s Develop A Lifelong Passion For Learning “My love is thine to teach. Teach it but how, and thou shalt see how apt it is to learn. Any hard lesson that may do thee good.” – William Shakespeare. What does ‘education’ mean to you? When they think of ‘education’, many people imagine a structured classroom…

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