The importance of student confidence

What is more important in a student’s education than English, maths or science?Confidence. Student confidence is the most underrated area of education. Often it is neglected, leaving some of the nations most intelligent students believing they can’t. Or worse, thinking they are stupid. In my many years as a qualified teacher and then as theContinue reading “The importance of student confidence”

How to use the TEEL essay formula.

TEEL formula. The TEEL formula is the standard essay structure taught by most (if not all) schools in Australia. TEEL is an acronym to help students remember the necessary steps for paragraph structure in essays. Every paragraph in every type of essay must contain these four elements; it does not matter if the writing isContinue reading “How to use the TEEL essay formula.”

Methods Circle Symmetry

If you are looking for some help with mathematical methods circle symmetry, then you are in the right place! Read through our break down of how to complete circle symmetry questions with confidence. The unit circle is comprised of four quadrants. The y and x-axis break up each quadrant. These quadrants are numbered going anticlockwiseContinue reading “Methods Circle Symmetry”

Year 12 English- Analysing Alfred Hitchcock.

In year 11 and 12 English and Media Studies classes, you will often analyse the movies of Alfred Hitchcock. His movies are so widely studied because they are character-driven suspense stories which invite the audience to ask questions about human nature. Some of the driving questions of his stories are: The debate over nature vsContinue reading “Year 12 English- Analysing Alfred Hitchcock.”

How to use Formal Language in your writing

Formal language is a way of articulating your thoughts, ideas, views and beliefs in a professional sounding manner. Formal language is used to express ideas in the most articulate way possible and as such, does not use slang, colloquialisms, contractions, or jokes. It is important to recognise that when you speak, or write, you changeContinue reading “How to use Formal Language in your writing”

Year 11&12 English study tips.

It is no secret that year 11 and 12 English is heavily text based, and that a sound knowledge of your texts is the way to get a fantastic score.Many teachers, authors and textbooks give great advice for how to write a text response essay, but before you begin planning for an essay, you needContinue reading “Year 11&12 English study tips.”