How to encourage my child to explore creative writing

Writing is an essential skill that children will need throughout their lives. Whether it’s for academic purposes or personal expression, the ability to communicate through the written word is crucial. However, some children struggle to develop their writing skills or find writing boring. One way to combat this issue is to encourage children to exploreContinue reading “How to encourage my child to explore creative writing”

Science ideas for the school holidays

Science isn’t just for the classroom! It is to encourage passion and wonder in bright little minds! Science can be so much fun, and it is easy to get children thinking when it comes to science experiments in activities you can do over the school holidays (or even the weekend!). YouTube is a great resource.Continue reading “Science ideas for the school holidays”

How to increase vocabulary

Increasing your vocabulary is easier than you think. Writing can be hard… it is difficult not to use the same words over and over again. But the repetition of the same words can make our work seem dull and uninteresting. Moreover, limited vocabulary can hurt the marks we receive for an essay. Let’s discuss someContinue reading “How to increase vocabulary”

Developing pencil grip

Developing your child’s pencil grip As teachers, we are frequently approached by parents who are concerned about their child’s awkward pencil grip. If left ignored, pencil grip issues can have a negative impact on a child’s academic achievement in school. When children sense that they are falling behind, it can cause worry, disappointment, and lowContinue reading “Developing pencil grip”

How To Engage Disengaged Students

Keeping students engaged with their schoolwork can be hard. Here are a few tips to make it easy. Make it FUN This comes first on the list because it is the single most important factor. Each student is unique in that they are all driven by different things and enjoy specific subjects more than others.Continue reading “How To Engage Disengaged Students”

How to set up a good homework routine.

Setting up a good homework routine is essential. Setting up a good homework routine can be challenging, for students of all year levels. Let’s go over some tips and tricks to help both primary and high school students establish a good homework routine. Primary school It is often up to the parents to set upContinue reading “How to set up a good homework routine.”

4 ways to help teach primary aged students learn to read

4 ways to help teach primary aged students learn to read Teaching reading can seem like a hugely complicated task. Yet, learning to read accurately, fluidly, with good comprehension and stamina is also a crucial set of skills for school success. Despite this, many schools have a surprisingly large number of students who don’t masterContinue reading “4 ways to help teach primary aged students learn to read”

How to manage remote learning and stay sane

How to manage remote learning and stay sane Remote learning is challenging, there is no doubt about it. It is hard for both parents and students. Whether you are a parent with a young child or an older student reading this, these are challenging and stressful times. But let’s talk about some tips and tricksContinue reading “How to manage remote learning and stay sane”

How to stop procrastinating

How to stop procrastinating when you should study Procrastinating school work? You’re not alone. Procrastination is very common in students (and in all walks of life), but in order to successfully complete our schoolwork, we need to overcome it. Let’s discuss some key tips for overcoming procrastination. Firstly, try keeping a to-do list or aContinue reading “How to stop procrastinating”

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