A Bright Idea for how to study English Texts

One question we get asked a lot is: how do I study my English Texts?Well, our English tutor James has laid it all out here for you. Many English students experience a common challenge remembering the key themes, characters, and quotes from the texts they are studying. This can be a problem for essay writingContinue reading “A Bright Idea for how to study English Texts”

About Evergreen Tutoring Services

Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. – Anthony J. D’Angelo Evergreen Tutoring Services is an exceptional tutoring service with high achieving and highly qualified tutors. Every tutor meets the highest standard possible to ensure they can give students high-quality educational guidance. We supply Tutors to those in PrepContinue reading “About Evergreen Tutoring Services”

What The Past Can Teach Us About The Present

Many of the English texts that are studied, in high school English classes, share a strong similarity. They were written in the present but set in the past. This might be anywhere from a few months before the author wrote it to several hundred years. Students often struggle with this writing choice, as analysing textsContinue reading “What The Past Can Teach Us About The Present”

The importance of student confidence

What is more important in a student’s education than English, maths or science?Confidence. Student confidence is the most underrated area of education. Often it is neglected, leaving some of the nations most intelligent students believing they can’t. Or worse, thinking they are stupid. In my many years as a qualified teacher and then as theContinue reading “The importance of student confidence”

How to use the TEEL essay formula.

TEEL formula. The TEEL formula is the standard essay structure taught by most (if not all) schools in Australia. TEEL is an acronym to help students remember the necessary steps for paragraph structure in essays. Every paragraph in every type of essay must contain these four elements; it does not matter if the writing isContinue reading “How to use the TEEL essay formula.”

Year 12 English- Analysing Alfred Hitchcock.

In year 11 and 12 English and Media Studies classes, you will often analyse the movies of Alfred Hitchcock. His movies are so widely studied because they are character-driven suspense stories which invite the audience to ask questions about human nature. Some of the driving questions of his stories are: The debate over nature vsContinue reading “Year 12 English- Analysing Alfred Hitchcock.”

How to use Formal Language in your writing

Formal language is a way of articulating your thoughts, ideas, views and beliefs in a professional sounding manner. Formal language is used to express ideas in the most articulate way possible and as such, does not use slang, colloquialisms, contractions, or jokes. It is important to recognise that when you speak, or write, you changeContinue reading “How to use Formal Language in your writing”

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