5 things you should do before getting a Tutor

It is no secret that there is a strong relationship between success and education. We see it time and time again. That is because people with a full and varied education have a well-developed range of skills to apply to their life, the more you know, the more you can do. The right type of education isn’t just Math and English skills but it should also give an individual the ability to master and direct their own learning. There is no limit to how much you can learn if you have the right skills and discipline, just imagine what you could achieve!

Every parent wants more for their child than they had themselves. It is natural that we want our children to achieve better grades, better jobs, and better wages because all these things will make their lives easier than ours were. Standardised schooling is well and good, but it is just not possible for one teacher to give a classroom of twenty-two students their very best level of education they can. The best form of education is one on one, where the student benefits from the complete attention of an adult who is skilled and well educated. This is where tutoring comes in; Tutors are a fantastic resource to help educate today’s students in a world that is rapidly moving ahead. Tutors can offer a level of interaction and education on a personal level that is just not possible in modern-day schooling. So, how do we choose the right Tutor?

1. The first step is to identify what the student needs.

Most people think Tutors are only used to help students who are behind in their studies. While Tutors certainly do this, it is not the only type of student they cater to. Good Tutors are also there for students who want to get ahead of their peers, to help students who are disinterested in class and to give the students who are already ahead assistance in reaching further. Skilled Tutors can help the student improve from every level, and they should be able to assess students every step of the way, to ensure the student is getting the most from their sessions.

2. It is important to select a Tutor who has excellent teaching abilities.

After all, just because somebody has the knowledge doesn’t mean they can pass it on. In order to educate someone, an individual must have complete mastery over the subject; otherwise, they will be more of a hindrance than a help. It is beneficial to find a Tutor associated with a business that assesses their Tutors and holds them to a high standard. This helps to avoid rogue Tutors who claim to be more than they are.  

3. Once you have found a prospective Tutor or tutoring business, it is time to look into a few key elements.

The first thing you should check is, what is the Tutors’ teaching method? Is it a personalised and tailored approach? Or is it one size fits all? The best form of education is one that is specifically tailored to fit your child. A customised approach should include regular assessments of your child’s capabilities to make sure they are moving at a pace that is not only comfortable for the student but also ensures they are gaining a solid knowledge of the subjects and skills they are learning within it.

4. Does the Tutor adjust their teaching to suit the student?

Everyone has a different style of learning, and the Tutor needs to be able to adapt their teaching approach to suit the student, not make the student adjust their learning style to the teaching approach. All Tutors need to be highly adaptable in their teaching approaches; this is where complete subject mastery comes into the equation. It is essential Tutors completely understand what they are teaching, as it allows them to change their approach if the current method isn’t working until they come upon one that works for the student. If Tutors are limited to a basic understanding of subject matter, they will not have the skills and knowledge necessary to cater to students who learn in a variety of ways. Almost everyone learns in a variety of ways; how you learn English will not be the same way you learn Maths.

5. Sometimes the only way to ensure you are getting a Tutor with qualifications, and the ability to educate to a high level is to find through a tutoring business.

When looking into a tutoring business, ask, do they hold a high set of standards for their Tutors? Do they require their Tutors to have qualifications? Do they have ways of monitoring their Tutors to ensure they are delivering a high standard of tuition? Does the person that assesses the Tutors have an in-depth and experienced knowledge of what is required to educate students to a high level? Or do they just let anyone become a Tutor? Sure, Tutors associated with a good tutoring business may cost a little more, but this is because their Tutors are highly qualified, regularly assessed, go through rigorous investigation and are at a standard you are not likely to find elsewhere. There are other costs associated with tutoring businesses that may factor into pricing, like insurances that protect both you and the Tutor, wages, travel, taxes, and lesson planning. Besides, education is the very best gift you can give any individual. What price do you put on success?

To conclude,

In following these five steps, you ensure the Tutor you find for your child has a sound knowledge of subject matter accompanied with a tailored teaching method; both of which are necessary hallmarks of an excellent Tutor. You will have found a tutoring Business by run people with good knowledge of educational standards which places a high value on the education of their Tutors and their students. A good tutoring business will maintain the need for regular monitoring and assessments to ensure everything is to the highest level possible. But perhaps most importantly, you will have found an excellent Tutor for your most precious of goals, ensuring the future success of your child.

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Written by Jessica Evergreen
Director and Founder of Evergreen Tutoring Services