Why you should read your English early

Why you should read your English early and how to remember them

Each year level is usually prescribed a book or text in high school, which will be studied throughout the year.

Even though the holidays are a time for fun, one of the best things you can do (especially in years 10, 11 and 12) in helping you prepare for the new school year is to read your prescribed English text before school resumes.

These texts can be hard

So why? There are many reasons to get ahead of your English text nice and early during the school holidays. Often English texts can be long and complicated. They are full of many hidden messages that need to be pulled apart and reflected on. By starting the text early, you can take your time and start getting your head around the different messages in the text.

Reduce your stress

In addition, waiting to read the text until school starts can often put on added workload and stress when added to your other school work and commitments. It is also common for many schools and teachers to have expected you to have read the text before school starts so that they can start work on the text straight away. So by getting onto it early, you will thank yourself later!

How to remember them after you finished reading

So how do you remember the text? While you begin to read the text over the holidays, one of the best resources to help you throughout the semester is to do chapter summaries! Chapter summaries are short paragraphs you create that summarise the text’s key points. These are helpful when looking back to undertake your essays and assignments about the text. It also helps consolidate your knowledge, ensuring you can summarise the most important parts of the text. This will then translate well once you get to your assignments.
Google and research can assist you to enhance your notes as well- you have time throughout the holidays to use additional resources to delve deeper into your text!


Don’t overwhelm yourself

No one is expecting you to read the book in one night. The best tip is to read one chapter at a time. Or set yourself a certain amount of pages to read per day. Then make sure you set some time aside to compile your chapter summaries! For example, you may choose to read one chapter and then spend 20 minutes writing a summary and adding any relevant quotes you found.

Getting ahead of the English text, is the most stress relieving thing you can do to lighten your workload once the year starts! This advice can also translate to any other texts of study you have – whether it be a play or movie. You can also get ahead of the game by watching/reading these and summarising them.

Good luck and happy reading!

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