When should I start preparing for my exams?

When should I start preparing for my exams? Why?

Exam season can be a very overwhelming time, no matter what age or year level you are in. Exam season often brings us a variety of emotions… let’s talk about when you should start preparing for exams and why, with some hints and tips.

Now, I cannot predict what date you are reading this article, but I can tell you the time to start preparing for exams is TODAY. Now don’t stress, let’s talk about this.

Start preparing for your exams today

Reading this halfway through the year?

Haven’t done this or are you reading this article a little later in your study journey? Don’t panic. The best time to start preparing for your exam is today. You can still use the above tips. Go through your learning objectives, use them as a guide on what to focus your study on, and write summary notes. This will allow you to have a more thorough understanding of what you are expected to know to start working on some practice exams.

In summary, it is never too early to start exam preparation. The earlier you start, the less stress and more time you will have later down the track. The most important thing to remember is to take breaks, be kind to yourself and do your best. You’ve got this.

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