How to set up a good homework routine.

Student doing homework

Setting up a good homework routine is essential.

Setting up a good homework routine can be challenging, for students of all year levels. Let’s go over some tips and tricks to help both primary and high school students establish a good homework routine.

Primary school

It is often up to the parents to set up the routine for their child to do their homework for primary school students. It is best to make homework time regular and reoccurring. Young students often work best with a clear and set routine. Try and keep homework time at the same time each day and ensure you are always doing homework in the same designated “working space”.

The time period of time to be spent on homework can differ depending on school, workload or personal learning level, but as a general rule of thumb, it is 10 minutes of homework per year level. But when in doubt, contact your child’s teacher to ask them what is expected. It is often important to keep young learners engaged with their homework. Make sure to be involved and interested, show enthusiasm and praise and encourage their good work! Sometimes you may need to set rewards or goals for your child in order to encourage them and celebrate their good work


If you or your child are finding it difficult to navigate homework, try making a homework plan. This is a plan that outlines what subject will be focused on and on what days and outlines some goals. For example, maybe Monday’s are for spelling homework, and the goal is to know the spelling words within 2 weeks. Having a clear plan and timeline for your homework activities will help both you and your child understand what to do.

As primary ages children get older, you may be less involved, but may still need to supervise and set out goals with your child. It may become more important to remove distractions such as technology from your designated homework space.

If you have difficulty setting up these homework routines, contact us. We can book you a tutor at the same time each week to help your child understand and complete their homework tasks.

High school

Many of the above points still relate to high school-aged children. It is important to keep a regular routine and remove distractions while undertaking homework. However, the older you get, the more the responsibility lies on you as the student to create and take control of your own homework and study routine. So let’s go through some more tips to help you create your own routine.

Firstly, it is important to set priorities and prioritise what needs to be completed first. This may be based on the due date or pace of the class. You can also try tackling the more difficult tasks first, making the most of your energy levels by completing the less enjoyable and more difficult tasks first. This helps with a sense of control and independence and can help increase motivation to study, as it leaves the easier or more enjoyable tasks for later.

As we progress through school, our homework workload increases significantly. Try keeping a planner, or to-do list with all the tasks you need to complete. This will help you keep yourself accountable for what you need to do. Each week, try and set up a plan of what you will do and when you will do them. Getting older means juggling more aspects of your routine, such as work and spending time with friends. Making use of calendars, diaries or time management apps are always a useful tool in creating a routine and schedule.

You don’t need to do it alone.

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