How to stop procrastinating

procrastination when studying

How to stop procrastinating when you should study

Procrastinating school work? You’re not alone. Procrastination is very common in students (and in all walks of life), but in order to successfully complete our schoolwork, we need to overcome it.

Let’s discuss some key tips for overcoming procrastination.

Secondly, try tackling your hardest study tasks at your best energy times. Some people work better at night, some work better in the morning. Whichever is your best working time, save that time for the tasks you know take up more energy. This is often the subjects or assignments you are finding the most challenging or least enjoyable. Therefore, in your lower energy time, you can do tasks that are easier and more enjoyable. Organising your tasks in this format can help increase your productivity and reduce your procrastination when you study.

Take managed breaks to stop procrastination

Another important tip is to schedule breaks for yourself. It is often draining to study hours on end. Instead, break your study up into chunks and reward yourself with study breaks. Get some fresh air, eat and rest, before continuing. However, breaks can often cause a trap of procrastination. If you find yourself getting distracted and extending your break, try using time management apps and devices that will help you keep yourself accountable. There are apps and settings out there which will prevent you from accessing social media or other distracting apps during times you set.

Procrastination is commonly linked to your environment; often there are distractions around us that encourage us to procrastinate such as our technology, friends or family. If you find yourself getting distracted by your environment, try changing it. Maybe try going to the library, stay back in a classroom at school, close yourself off in a room in your house. If it’s a nice day, maybe studying outside may be more encouraging. It may take a little trial and error, but find which environments work best for you.

This tip may not work for everyone, but if you have some study buddy’s who you think will help keep you accountable, it may be worth starting a study group. Whether you meet in person with set goals with certain subjects, meet online or have a group chat. If you all try to keep up with the course work and stay accountable, it may help you prevent procrastination.

Reward hard work

Lastly, one of the major encouragements in preventing procrastination is to reward yourself. Rewards are unique. Maybe you give yourself a chocolate after certain chapters. Maybe you have a movie or tv show you really want to watch, but you set the goal of getting your assignment done first. Rewards are unique, but set goals, and set rewards in between, which encourage you to keep going.
You can do this!

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