How to choose my year 11 and 12 subjects

Choosing your year 12 subjects

I know what uni course I want to do after high school. How can I use this to help choose my year 11 and 12 subjects?

University is an exciting and amazing journey. But choosing what year 11 and 12 subjects you need to get into your desired university course can be confusing. Let’s go through a few things to note when selecting your year 11 and 12 subjects.

Most university courses have what are termed ‘prerequisites’. Prerequisites are the subjects you need to have completed to get into the course you are interested in. These are the high school subjects the university knows will give you sufficient background knowledge for the subjects you will undertake at university. For example, a science degree may need you to complete biology, chemistry, and Physics in years 11 and 12.

Understanding Prerequisites.

You can usually find the prerequisites for a university course on the university course website or in pamphlets for the course. These are often received at university open days. However, suppose you are struggling to find a list of prerequisites. In that case, there is no harm in emailing or calling the university using the contact information on their website. You can also spend time with one of our fantastic tutors, and they will help you find the prerequisites and help you understand what it all means.

Consider your choices carefully

It is important to read the prerequisites carefully. Sometimes prerequisites allow you some flexibility in choosing your subjects. For example, some university courses may list that they want you to have completed “at least one English” or “at least one math” – they do not mind which maths or English you choose as long as you complete one to the level they are asking for. So my advice is to choose the one you will enjoy and do the best at. However, on the contrary, sometimes prerequisites will specify the exact subject they desire. For example, it may list “maths methods”, and they will require you to have chosen and completed methods instead of the other maths subjects. Hopefully, the information helps.

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