English exam Section A – Analytical interpretation of a text


English exam Section A – Analytical interpretation of a text

For example, in Section A of the 2020 VCE English Exam, one of the questions students could choose was on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and it asked:

            “The readers’ sympathies lie not only with Victor but also with the creature. Do you              agree?”

To effectively answer this question, you should first work out what it is asking of you. This can be broken down into two parts, its prompt and your demonstrated understanding of it. The prompt: The readers’ sympathies lie not only with Victor but also with the creature asks students to demonstrate a clear understanding of the text, including its two central characters (Victor and the creature) and how they drive one of the central themes of the text (sympathy). Your demonstrated understanding of these points is addressed in the second part of the question, which asks, do you agree?

Practicing is the key to success

The 2020 English exam states that your response to this will be assessed against four key areas, which are; a clear knowledge and understanding of the text, including the themes, issues, and ideas it explores, the ability to develop a clear, well-structured analytical response to the set topic, the use of evidence from the text to support your argument, and controlled, effective use of language in your response.

The exam asks you to draw on both ideas found within the text and your own ideas about them to develop an analytical textual response that has a clear point of view; your own. It is important to remember that the exam is not trying to trick you. You will not be asked questions that are drastically different to the ones you have discussed in class. The exam requires you to demonstrate an understanding of the text, its ideas, topics, and themes, and then develop your own clear argument about them.

We have broken the English exam down.

We have broken down the English exam and what you need to do to ace all three sections here.

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