Why should we be excited to study maths?

Why should we be excited to study maths?

Maths is exciting. Let me tell you why.

It is full of fascinating ideas and concepts, and maths is needed and hidden in our everyday lives. How does the Sydney Harbour Bridge stay standing? How did humans get to space? How was the Eifel Tower built? How was the invention of the technological device you are using to read this sentence right now possible?

Maths, of course. Maths is a tool that has allowed the creation of the most wonderful human inventions on earth. And maths is a tool that will enable many more amazing inventions to be created in the future.
Who knows? Maybe you will be the next person to create a new and exciting invention using maths. Maybe that mathematical invention will further human medicine, or maybe that mathematical invention will further our technological advancement. The possibilities are endless.

Maths is a subject which applies to all aspects of life and careers. Want to be a doctor or nurse? Maths is used to calculate medications. Want to work as a builder? Maths is used to determine the lengths and quantities of building materials. Want to be a real estate agent? Maths is used to calculate house prices and mortgages. Want to work in retail? Maths is used to determine prices, budgets and profits. Maths has a never-ending pile of real-world applications.

So if maths is going to be a huge part of your everyday life, you may as well have fun learning it. Get excited when you’re doing maths. Treat every topic as a new opportunity to learn something which will help you in the future. The possibilities that come from learning maths are endless. And… nothing is more satisfying than solving a mathematical equation.

Our team of tutors are incredibly passionate and excited about maths. If you are finding it a little difficult to get up the motivation to study maths or you are stuck on a concept, why not reach out?
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