Why Our English Tutors Are Awesome and Amazing

Why Our English Tutors Are Awesome and Amazing

If you were to take the smartest rocket scientist in the world to a footy match, there is a chance they cannot make heads or tails of it. What’s more, take the most brilliant mathematician on the planet and ask them to write an analytical essay arguing how contemporary pop music is advancing social justice ideals through its progressive lyrics, and odds are they will look at you with a blank stare and an open mouth.
This is because EVERYONE is brilliant in their own way. If a fish judges its success on whether it can fly in the air, the poor thing is going to think it is a failure. Obviously, it is not a failure, it is brilliant in its own way. At Evergreen Tutoring Services, our English tutors excel in unlocking student potential and helping them tap into the special abilities they have always had.

Our tutors achieve these goals in a really simple way. They listen to their students, they hear their ideas, and they discuss with them some effective strategies for tackling an English essay, writing a comparative analysis, analysing a newspaper article, analysing the underlying metaphors in song lyrics, or even just dealing with life problems with a more analytical mindset.

I have met two, but never met a four

What’s a metaphor? What’s a simile? Is a textual analysis something you use to get better at a video game? Evergreen’s English Tutors have the answer to all these questions and more, and the best part about it is… they work with you at your own pace! No rushing through content. Nothing will fly over your head, as they are here to help you achieve your own potential.

As a hypothetical example, let’s say a student was given the following essay prompt in English class:

“William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet aims to deconstruct the fairy tale idea of romance, while Taylor Swift’s Love Story aims to rebuild it. Discuss how romantic ideals are presented across both texts, and how both present similar ideas about romance, in completely different ways.”

Now a lot of people would probably see a prompt like that and think… huh!? How can I answer something like that? Not Evergreen’s English tutors! They are skilled problem solvers, so they would immediately help students to get to the heart of the matter, by examining the similarities and differences between the two texts.

Breaking it down:

  • Both concern strangers meeting and immediately falling in love.
  • In both texts, their respective families do not like each other, and oppose the romance.
  • Shakespeare employs a cynical view of romance. By examining how the two characters are fuelled by hot-headed lust, which ultimately leads to their downfall. Swift presents a more nuanced view of romance. In which the characters actually sit down and discuss their problems together, work out a solution, action it, and then have a happy ending.
  • So, while Shakespeare’s text argues that teenagers are too emotionally immature and hot-headed to have a proper romantic relationship, Swift’s text presents the opposing view, arguing that if there exists true love between two people, nothing else matters.

Evergreen’s Tutors Problem Solve Conundrums Such As This

After reading this, you are probably thinking the obvious question; “when am I ever going to be asked this in English class?” and the answer is simple. Evergreen’s Tutors pride themselves on going above and beyond when it comes to helping with English, essay writing, general comprehension, and hey, let’s throw in the kitchen sink as well.

This is because through our lessons we can help impart valuable English writing and comprehension skills that can be used both in and outside of the classroom. What does writing an analysis comparing Romeo and Juliet to Love Story teach you? Aside from learning about the textual similarities between the two, an exercise such as this would also help with:

  • Learning to recognise similarities across general themes and ideas. You could then apply the same problem-solving strategies to perform a comparative analysis of the representations of dinosaurs and gangsters in movies. Discussing how they are both ostracised and demonised, sometimes justifiably, sometimes unfairly. Or, you know what? You could apply these same skills to writing a novel, writing a song, problem-solving in a video game, writing a cover letter when applying for a job, and so on.

This is because Evergreen’s English tutors are here to help you see both the smaller and bigger picture. They understand that sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees, and they are here to help you see both.

What next?

If you would like to take some active steps towards achieving your English goals, and finally understanding what Shakespeare meant when he wrote, “If this were played upon a stage now, I could condemn it as an improbable fiction” in Twelfth Night (Hint: He was winking at the audience). Then please get in touch with Evergreen ASAP, on 0409 083 909. This is what distinguishes Evergreen, we are here to help you achieve your learning goals at your own pace, and even have some fun along the way. Doesn’t that sound like something Shakespeare would approve of?

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