We Have The Edge When It Comes To Learning.

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We Have The Edge When It Comes To Learning.

If you had never owned a laptop before and wanted to purchase one, how would you go about it? For starters, you might go to a store and browse through all the different models, everything from HP to Acer, Dell to Lenovo. However, how would you go about choosing one from the other?
It can be a challenge to do this, unless you first clearly outline what you are looking for, what your laptop will be helping you with, what specifications you want, and so on. With a clearer idea in mind, you can then work on finding one that suits your needs. Choosing a tutor is much the same. How do you distinguish one from another? It is simple when you break it down into clear, actionable steps. With that in mind, here are four important reasons why Evergreen is one of the best tutoring companies in Melbourne.

1. We tailor our lesson content to your needs

Have you ever been in a classroom and found it difficult to concentrate on what the teacher was saying? Was it because they were delivering the lesson content in an unengaging manner? We at Evergreen understand that students learn best when they are highly engaged with the lesson content, and so, our tutors work at delivering lessons in a way that works best for the student, and that they find easy to engage with.

This is due to our tutors having a strong combination of academic and interpersonal skills. That is, all of our tutors either have a degree in their subject area, or are working towards one. They are all skilled problem-solvers, lateral thinkers, and have great social skills. They work with students at their own pace, delivering content to them in a way that students find engaging, insightful, and interesting.

For example, let’s say one of our English tutors was working with a student on writing topic sentences. Perhaps the student was finding it a challenging process, and struggling to remember key information. The tutor would work at finding a way to engage with the student. By finding out what personally interests them, and then helping them construct paragraphs about their favourite topics. After all, some students may find it easier to write about lions and tigers over Animal Farm; even if the underlying analytical principles are the same!

Our 100% online lessons offer many benefits

While other tutoring companies may employ a mixture of traditional face-to-face learning and online lessons, Evergreen likes to keep up with the times. That is why our lessons are 100% online. This means that our students can learn in an environment they feel comfortable in. As a bonus, they don’t have to spend time and money on commutes, and be able to get ready quickly for lessons.

There are also additional benefits to online learning, including:

A permanent record of the lesson’s content.

Our tutors work with students in Google Docs, and frequently use this to write important content. Google Docs automatically saves everything written on it, so students can revisit it whenever they like, to help with both recollection and revision. Students can also ask their tutors to save their whiteboards for maths.

Instant access to a wealth of resources.

Throughout the lesson, tutor’s may discuss some great online resources for students, to help with their studies. Part of what makes our lessons so effective, is that tutors can post links to these resources in Google Docs, and go over them, in real time, with students. This means that students will not only learn about important resources, but they will also be able to work through any potential problems with the tutor, and have their issues solved during the lesson.

Our commitment to effective learning methods is seen in everything we do

Evergreen Tutoring Services was built upon the philosophy of delivering high-quality, engaging one-on-one lessons with students, at their own pace. Our director, Jessica Evergreen, is a qualified high school teacher with years of experience engaging with students, working with them to solve problems, and making lessons fun and interesting.

Jessica’s philosophy and commitment to learning is seen across everything she does with the company. She consults with both tutors and students, advises them, supports them, and helps them achieve their goals in a clear and direct manner. For Jessica, Evergreen Tutoring Services is not just a job, it is a calling, and she applies this passion to learning across everything she does.

When you book with Evergreen Tutoring Services, you are more than just a number. We will consult with you to understand your goals and objectives, what you want to achieve, and what potential challenges you may be up against. Our aim is to work with you to find a tutor best suited to your needs. Choosing to work with Evergreen means choosing a commitment to quality and proven successful education methods.

We offer a wealth of unique study resources

At Evergreen, we have a commitment to listening to our students, hearing their concerns, and developing personalised solutions for them. For example, some of our VCE English students came to us and said that a great study resource for exam revision would be some A+ practice responses, that they could work through and use as a guide. So, we asked some of our tutors to develop some high-quality text responses to past exams. Our students can go through these with our tutors, discussing why it was an effective response, and how they can use it as a guide for their own.

We also offer a multitude of written and video responses that discuss different learning strategies. Including, how to overcome common challenges, tips for remembering important quotes, and so on. In short, Evergreen Tutoring Services understand that learning is about the student, and we are committed to providing lots of resources to help students achieve their goals.

Contact us for more information

We could keep going on about why it is a great idea to contract Evergreen Tutoring Services, but we feel it would be more beneficial to hear from you!
Give us a call today on 0409 083 909 to tell us about your learning goals, some challenges you are facing, what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it. With this information, we will be able to get started on booking you some one-on-one sessions with one of our amazing, engaging tutors.
Need help understanding your latest maths assignment? Don’t worry, our brilliant maths tutors can help with that! Want to not only learn about the underlying metaphors within Shakespeare’s plays, but have fun whilst doing so? Our amazing English tutors are here for you!

With the best tutors around, a comprehensive service, and competitive pricing, contracting Evergreen’s services is a fantastic idea! Let’s work together to achieve your goals!

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