How can studying maths methods be like carving a granite block of stone with a spoon?

Year 12 Methods doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Study smarter not harder.

If you are done trying to carve a granite block of stone with a spoon and you want to get the Maths Methods grades you want easier, faster and with no frustration, then grab one of our packages now.
Start studying the right way.

Let’s talk about study

How many times have you spent hours studying year 12 Maths Methods and felt like you got nowhere?

Maybe you can’t quite figure out how to make the most out of your study time. Or perhaps you are here because you already know you need better resources.

A lot of student get stuck here and in this video I am going to clearly explain how to get unstuck when you study year 12 Maths Methods.

In this video I am going to cover:

  • Why Studying year 12 maths methods can be compared to carving a block of granite with a spoon
  • How to get study in a way that requires less time and effort but gets you better marks
  • And why the correct resources makes all the difference in the world to how well you study


I am Jessica Evergreen, qualified teacher, owner and founder of Evergreen Tutoring Services.

I am here today to teach you about the secret to doing well in year 12 maths methods and how studying it can be compared to carving a block of Granite stone with a spoon.

Myself and my team have helped thousands of students reach their study score and ATAR goals regardless of where they started from. Over years of working closely with students, we have noticed that the trouble a lot of students have with maths methods is that their classroom teachers move too quickly through the content. The students are struggling to understand how to complete questions they only spent 15 or so minutes learning how to do.

The problem with this is it leads to deep confusion, loss of confidence and these two things together often result in lower than desired scores.

These students often work hard, but they work hard with the wrong tools.

Think of it like trying to carve a block of granite stone with a spoon. You can spend hours over a year working diligently at the stone, but you’re not likely to get very far. Trying to carve granite stone with a spoon will just lead to low results, frustration and ultimately failure.

This situation is exactly the same for year 12 maths methods students. While you may not be trying to carve stone with spoons, If you aren’t studying with the right tools, you aren’t going to get the results you are looking for.

But what would happen to our stone carver if they began using a diamond-tipped electric tool? Chances are they are going to carve that stone a lot faster, easier and get a better overall result.

The same thing can happen for year 12 students. By using the right resources, they are going to study faster, easier and get a better overall result.

But what kind of resources should they be looking for?

Well, these resources should cover each topic of the curriculum in digestible chunks. Yes, they have their textbooks. But have you ever looked at the enormous 300+ page book? Talk about daunting. If you are already stuck and frustrated, do you think you will want to spend time hunting through this book on the off chance you will find a detailed explanation on the particular topic you are stuck on?
Probably not.
So, it is important to have access to resources that are easy to use and understand.

Videos that cover one topic clearly at a time is the way to go.

The next thing you should be looking at is can you access it when you need it?
Everyone studies well at different times, and there is nothing worse than sitting down to study and being stuck for hours on a question that you could have answered in 20 minutes if you had just had access to the right resources at the right time. So finding a resource, you can use as often as you need can be extremely beneficial.

So if you are a maths methods student or you know one that feels like you are carving a block or granite stone with a spoon, and you want to get better results, easier, and faster by using the right tools, we can help you out.

How we can help

Our team have carefully crafted a maths methods program with video resources on every topic of the year 12 Maths methods curriculum, and all students who sign up to it get 24 hours a day access to it for the entire year.
Which means they can study when it suits them and with the right resources.

Our Maths methods packages come in different tiers, including our resource package, which covers every topic in the curriculum, our exam package, which works through every question on the 202o maths methods exam and our gold package, which includes access to both these packs and twelve 30 minutes 1-to-1 sessions with one of our fantastic methods tutors so you work through some of the more difficult questions with someone who can help you every step of the way.

I hope you found this video helpful, and if you are ready to stop carving a block of stone with a spoon, sign up for one of our packages and start studying with the right resources today.

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