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One of the most rewarding aspects of learning is when you just ‘get’ something you previously struggled with. Perhaps you approached a text from a different perspective, worked backwards to solve a problem, or had a discussion with someone where they raised some points that you had not yet considered. That lightbulb moment can be so rewarding because it emphasises the importance of looking at problems from different perspectives. We at Evergreen Tutoring Services love working with students to help them tap into their own potential, learn new skills, and develop fun problem-solving abilities that they can use both in and outside of the classroom. And when it comes to Maths Methods, we have the Methods to help you ‘get’ your maths.

Learn at your own pace

A common roadblock when it comes to tackling Maths Methods, is ensuring your learning is evenly paced with the classroom’s content. Sometimes teachers, in the attempt of ensuring everything is covered, move through topics before all students have a firm understanding of the problem-solution model, and how it can be applied to the lesson’s content.

This is what distinguishes Evergreen Tutoring Services from many other tutoring companies. Our team of expert Maths Methods tutors get to know our students, understand what they are working on in class, what they are struggling with, and what they would like to spend more time on. Together we work through the problems with them in an online classroom environment, in a one-on-one non-judgemental setting.

Lateral thinking helps with problem-solving

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What distinguishes our Maths Methods tutors from the rest is that they are skilled problem-solvers with exceptional lateral thinking abilities. When it comes to working through a tough maths problem, they will demonstrate various approaches to solving a unique problem. Sometimes students get so focused on solving a problem in a particular manner that they overlook more straightforward, innovative, and, yes, even fun ways of solving the sum.

By contracting Evergreen Tutoring Services, students will learn the MATHS approach to working through Maths Methods, which is:
  • M– Methodical strategies. Evergreen prides itself on employing Maths Methods tutors who are not only skilled problem solvers but are eloquent, friendly, and fun to talk to. Our tutors will be able to help students develop new problem-solving strategies in a non-judgemental environment.
  • A – Adding value to learning. We understand that students often learn at their own pace and manner, and so, we are just as much about the journey as we are the destination. If a student struggles with a particularly difficult concept, we understand that successful learning may be paced. So, if we can help with just one small area of learning in a lesson, we believe we have added value.
  • T – Timing. We do not rush learning, and our tutors make an active effort to match the pace of the lesson with the students’ progress.
  • H – Helpful advice. We do not claim to have the ‘definitive’ approach to tackling maths methods, as there may be no definitive approach. What works for one person may not work for another. Rather, we offer helpful advice throughout lessons, regarding problem-solving strategies, memory tricks, and so on.
  • S – Supportive learning. By being with students at every step of their learning journey, we are proud to say we help them reach their potential, develop fun strategies to approaching maths, and learn new strategies throughout the process.

Evergreen would be delighted to help you on your Maths Journey

To find out more about how Evergreen Tutoring Services could help you ‘get’ Maths Methods, please call 0409 083 909 today for a free consultation. All you need to do is tell us about your learning goals, and challenges you would like to overcome, and we can discuss some effective strategies to help you achieve your learning goals. We believe that learning should be the three A’s:
Achievable, Accessible and Attainable. Let’s reach these targets together!

Looking for some great Maths Methods Resouces to improve your study?

Check out our maths methods resources. This pack includes video explanations on every topic of the Maths Methods Curriculum, practice questions and answers.
We also have a pack that goes through all the 2020 exam questions. This pack includes how to know what the question is asking, how to answer them and answers.
All of this content has been created by our Maths Methods tutors.

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