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Thanks for visiting and having a look at our maths methods free video resources.
These videos are for unit 3 of the year 12 curriculum and focus on the topic of calculus. Our team of experts have been working hard for months to create a bunch of video resources for students like you to use so you can reach your best ATAR.

We have created a video course that covers every aspect of the unit 3 curriculum topic calculus and we have decided to make a few of these videos free for everyone!

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Here is our first video on the formula for differentiation.

This video is a brief explanation of how to use the formula for differentiation. We have shared this here because it is important you understand how to use this formula before we get into some of the more difficult concepts in later videos.

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Rules of differentiation (linearity).

This video is part of a group of four on the rules for differentiation. The other videos include the product rule, the chain rule and the quotient rule. The other three parts of this set can be watched here when you enrol into our online maths methods video course.

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Properties of anti-derivatives and definite integrals.

This is one part of the anti-derivatives portion of our online course. To learn more about how to complete Anti-differentiation questions by recognition that F ’ (x) = f (x) implies ∫f (x)dx=F(x)+c, you can enrol in our video course here.

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We are always posting free resources for any students who wants to use them. So remember to check back, soon we will publish more methods videos on statistics for unit 3 methods. Our tutor Carmine has written a detailed explanation on circle symmetry.

Free English resources

We have also published other free resources for English! Our creative writing text response videos can be found here. Our creative text response video goes through how to identify gaps in your texts and films and the ways you can use these to build a solid starting point for your creatice text respsonse outcome or SAC.
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