Our mission to be carbon neutral

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Carbon neutral is our long term goal.
For a long time, our director has been passionate about the pursuit of becoming sustainably friendly, and she incorporated these principles into her classrooms, office spaces and home. She even wrote and published a book a few years ago on how to become sustainable on a budget.

It seemed only natural that this passion was brought into our business.

Right from the beginning, we decided to be paperless. All of our communication is electronic, even the resource packs we provide our tutors. While we are aware that using electronic devices has a negative impact on the environment the emissions from these devices are lower and preferable to the emissions caused by having a hard copy of everything we have in our office.

Then we removed waste. Everything that can be composted is, and our office only has one small bread bag of garbage each week! Our worm farm is thriving with all the compost we produce, and our native trees have never looked better. It is a fantastic place to have a tea break.

Our next big step has been to move all our lessons online. Thanks to the fantastic support from our customers and the passion of our staff, not only have we successfully moved our lessons online while maintaining our excellent lesson standard but we also more than halved our annual carbon emissions. By moving online, we completely removed the need for our staff to travel to work by means of public or private transport. Not a single staff member drives to any of their shifts with us. This has made an enormous difference in our business carbon footprint!

A heart felt thank you

We are very proud of what our team has achieved, and we are endlessly thankful for our clients who support our mission to reach an environmentally friendly business modal by choosing to work with us. Sustainability is a goal shared by all. It cannot just happen in the home, it needs to happen in our workplaces too.

Now, we know we still have a long way to go, but progress is made one step at a time.

There can be a future where our community, businesses, and homes flourish with sustainable living; where everyone lives comfortably, not just us humans. We are proud in the knowledge that our business, team and customers are making a small contribution to that future.

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Thank you for your support!

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